Investing for beginners

Are you afraid to invest your money, or simply don’t know what to do with your savings, but want to take a step towards achieving financial independence?
If so, you’ve come to the right place. In our new Tax Free Today booklet, we are going to explain why you should start investing, the different options you have, and the traps that every investor ends up falling into.
Saving and investing (intelligently) is beneficial for anyone who needs to finance their business, for those who can then buy or hire the products, services and solutions offered by these companies and, of course, for anyone looking to invest. In other words, it benefits society as a whole because it generates wealth for everybody. Wealth needs to be created, it is not something given as many people might think.

In our new booklet on investing for beginners, we look at saving, inflation, cognitive biases and, of course, the different investment options. We talk about investing in yourself, gold, raw materials, real estate, public debt, businesses, stocks (passive and active investment), cryptocurrency, and forex. We also set out some model portfolios adapted for different levels of savings.The booklet contains 61 pages. You have 60 days right of return.

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