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If you have any questions about being and becoming stateless, don’t hesitate to contact me. Below is a list of questions I have been asked so far. Maybe yours is already among them?

Why is there a Staatenlos blog?

The Staatenlos blog exists because there are states. As long as the "big fiction" as reality haunts people's minds, there will be a need for alternatives for those who don't want to join the majority. Living stateless is the decision to shape your life according to your own will. Nobody has to do the things that are accepted by many people without question, everyone can be free. The Staatenlos blog wants to inspire, motivate and inform.

Why is this blog called "Staatenlos"?

Referring to my many travels, an acquaintance once asked me if I was “Staatenlos” now. This inspired me to name this blog. My previous decommissioned blog was called Freedom Paths and was meant to go in the same direction. Staatenlos may sound less positive, but it is a much more familiar term. Above all, in the definition he means something completely different than originally.

Who is behind the Staatenlos blog?

Servus, I'm Christoph and I'm 24 years old. You can easily get an overview of me by googling me. Besides this heart project here, I write about the future and new technologies at the Huffington Post, about Europe and politics at Campus Europe and for other publications. As a stateless person, I am of course an ambassador for the revolutionary State 2.0 company BitNation and I am involved in various freedom initiatives such as Students for Liberty. Feel free to contact me by mail, on Facebook, Twitter or whatever you want!

Are there other German blogs on the topics of the Staatenlos blog?

The art of perpetual travel, the willingness to go into exile and the opportunity to use offshore services is anything but firmly anchored in German-speaking societies. My friend Tobias from Human Investors has the only serious blog on a similar topic - a great addition that you should definitely check out.

In addition, there is of course a growing number of travel and digital nomad blogs. My 5 favorites are:

Why do you use so many Anglicisms?

Be honest – do you have a good German translation for terms like lifestyle design, perpetual travel or offshore? Anyway, Lifestyle Creation, Permanent Travel, or Off the Shore doesn't sound like much, does it? Wherever I can, I try to avoid Anglicisms. Since you definitely need English to become stateless, the whole thing shouldn't bother you much.

Where are you staying right now?

I'm currently traveling in Central America - I've already seen great countries like Mexico, Cuba and Belize. Central America has some very interesting options for going offshore or just enjoying life. You can learn more about it on the blog over time!

How can I help you promote the Staatenlos blog?

You can do a lot! Tell your friends and colleagues about it, share it on social media and spread the good news of statelessness wherever you can. Not only can everyone live freely, they should too! In addition, you can buy helpful books via my Amazon recommendation links, which help me finance my running costs.

How can I become Staatenlos myself?

By reading the Staatenlos blog carefully and delving into the additional information. Also download my free Staatenlos manifesto, which shows you, among other things, how you can free yourself from 2 freedom traps! Furthermore, be an avid reader of other books, and remember one thing: the best way to become stateless is to take action. Why don't you start yet?

Can anyone become Staatenlos if they want to?

Yes. Anyone who wants can become Staatenlos. No matter what age you are, what your financial situation is or what other starting conditions you have - a stateless life is possible for you. It may be easier for some, harder for others. Make yourself aware that you do not need seed capital to become stateless. You could start your stateless life tomorrow - by crossing the border armed with a laptop and starting to work independently from a place of your choice!

Why are you writing a book?

Blog articles are limited in length. It takes more than 1000 words to get a small idea across. A book is the logical answer. You can sell it to it - or just finally feel like a writer. Ultimately, the message of Staatenlos wants to be spread - a book is a start.

Do you make money with Staatenlos?

Not inconsiderable time flows into the stateless blog, so I also hope for a certain financial support. I do not advertise, but I earn income from affiliate links, advice and my own products. If you would like to support me beyond that, I am happy to accept donations. Especially in Bitcoin: 1Jx884e6H7bFotNkM1CL7t6FTyCpMZ5ve3

Why a Swiss domain?

Why not? In this specific case, the .de domain was already reserved – but it is also good for a stateless blog to have a domain that is not integrated into the superstate of the European Union, right? My love for Switzerland is great, it is just as German-speaking and, in contrast to Austria and Germany, a place that is conditionally suitable for the stateless aspect. Especially since .ch complements the initials of my name wonderfully!

Where do you host the Staatenlos blog?

The blog is offshore in the Netherlands - arguably one of the countries with the best data protection legislation in the world. Iceland, for example, would be better, but for a good blog experience for the readers, you also have to pay attention to speed and the like, with the distance from the server to the reader playing a role. With Dutch servers you are quickly reached as a German, Austrian or Swiss. The hosting provider itself is based in the USA. I definitely recommend Siteground's WordPress-optimized hosting!

I like your writing style. Can I hire you for my projects?

Yes. I offer limited to write for you for a fair price. If you want that, just contact me.

Why is the motto: "Because your life belongs to you"?

Because it is an incontrovertible truth. Your life is yours - would you disagree with me? If so, I'm always looking for willing writers for this blog. If not – fine! But have you also realized that this saying is often overturned? Do you really belong to yourself if you have to pay high taxes for your privilege to work or are restricted in all kinds of actions?

What do you use to write this blog?

I use a Dell Chromebook 11 - fantastic for traveling. Light and portable, long battery life, fast access, cloud backup of all data and all for only €400. Contrary to rumours, you can do anything with it even without the internet – many of the texts on this blog were written offline, for example.

Aren't you afraid of states?

Why fear? States are just a fiction. They are made up of people who are mostly ignorant. People who like to criticize but are lazy. Will they sic the state on the stateless blog? Hardly likely. Then there are a bunch of nastier sites circulating on the web. Especially since everything that the stateless blog reveals is completely legal. Staatenlos focuses on your personal freedom - not a collective revolution! At most a spiritual evolution!

How can you read so much

Do you find it unreal that I read so many books? Then you will learn to read faster yourself. A lot of reading has been one of my main paths to statelessness and is a habit I'm happy to maintain. It's not just about accumulating knowledge, but about broadening perspectives. Reading can bring you confidence that you can surely use on your journey to statelessness. Combine reading with fun instead of effort and create opportunities to do so - on the go, in bed or on the park bench - and you'll soon be reading more than you ever thought. If you then complete a course in speed reading, no one can stop you!

Do I have to want to be Staatenlos to benefit from the information here?

No way. Of course, it is important to me that more people become stateless. Nevertheless, the majority of my readers will not be persuaded to do so, at least in the short term. However, given current and future developments, I believe that statelessness will soon be more and more accepted and desired. Until then, of course, you can only use what is useful for you and skip the rest. You can disagree with me on almost everything - and still benefit from a few. That's entirely your decision!

Can I speak to you privately if I want to start a Staatenlos life?

Yes of course. Because there is a certain need, I offer one-time free consultations. If you feel helped, we can continue the whole thing afterwards. If you are interested, just let me know!

Isn't Staatenlos in all its consequences immoral?

Have you ever wondered what morality actually is? If not, I recommend you take a look at my Staatenlos Manifesto, which describes the moral trap you are likely to be caught in.

The morals of a Staatenlos person are only personal. Every Staatenlos person has different morals. The morality of the stateless blog, for example, sees it as the highest morality to avoid taxes - e.g. so that your money is not used in the practical jokes that you have to endure every day. Or a bunch of much, much worse things! After all, your life is yours - or is this sentence immoral? Is it then moral if you were a slave… ?

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