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The success stories of stateless entrepreneurs: for some, the road to independence is through travel. Others enjoy being left alone by authorities to do their thing. They all succeed in what they do and live their dream. Whether freelancer, entrepreneur, or perpetual traveler: let yourself be inspired by their stories and learn from their experiences.

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The success stories of stateless entrepreneurs: for some, the road to independence is through travel. Others enjoy being left alone by authorities to do their thing. They all succeed in what they do and live their dream. Whether freelancer, entrepreneur, or perpetual traveler: let yourself be inspired by their stories and learn from their experiences.

Interview with Christian Funke

Sales tax arbitrage as a business

Sales tax arbitrage as BusinessChristian has been working actively with Christoph Heuermann for several years and is spreading the stateless mentality. He himself spends most of his time in Switzerland and uses his service to help Swiss people shop in Germany – with a win-win thanks to the savings in VAT. We talk about his journey into stateless business and his latest entrepreneurial ideas.

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Interview with Chris Natterer

Biohacking and Men's Health

Chris is a passionate optimizer. When it comes to their own health and a body they feel good in, nobody wants to compromise. Chris follows a strictly scientific approach: After researching scientific publications, he tries out what works for himself and, if in doubt, measures it. This can mean that Chris’ customers do a blood test first. But around it there are many more ways to make your life more efficient with tricks and hacks. You can find him on instagram.

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Interview with Carsten Pfau

Paraguay - the land of unlimited opportunities

Paraguay doesn’t make the list for the typical South America vacation. The country is unassuming. It is all the more interesting there for emigrants and entrepreneurs of all kinds. There is plenty of fertile soil, agriculture works, the investment climate is positive. Carsten has been active on site for many years. With his brother he runs the company Agriterra and enables interested parties to act as co-investors in one of his many projects.

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Interview with Fabio Lacchini

Fabio Lacchini is Head of Communications at the European Students for Liberty, which organizes regular conferences, among other things. The next will take place on November 24, 2018 in Jena under the motto “ Entrepreneurship Freedom ”. We talk about libertarian ideas in Germany and Europe and ways to become active in the sense of individual freedom.

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Interview with Rahim Taghizadegan

Rahim Taghizadegan is a philosopher and as such has devoted himself to the search for knowledge. Rahim invites anyone who wants to accompany him to visit the Scholarium in Vienna. The Scholarium is a university in the original sense of the word – without exams and certificates and offers space for personal education and development financed by its participants and donors.

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Interview with Stanley Kleindienst

If you want to get an impression of what Mischa Janiec does, all you have to do is google it. Mischa is also on YouTube and Instagram to tell his story. Not long after discovering bodybuilding, he also embraced a vegan diet, beginning a growing movement. With the company Profuel , Mischa also sells dietary supplements – not only for bodybuilders – and of course vegan.

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Interview with David Wehnert

This is how online marketing works!

David Wehnert found his way to becoming an independent entrepreneur – directly by turning his passion into a career after school. We talk about how to build a business alone or in a team. David shares his practical experience when it comes to finding good business partners, for example, and we also use the opportunity to learn the basics of online marketing.

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Interview with Fred Siewert

Kazakhstan: Entrepreneurs in Central Asia

Fred followed love – to a region that may have deserved more attention than it gets. As a marketing entrepreneur, Fred was able to set up his business from Berlin in Kazakhstan once again. His clients were international anyway, but a network has now developed in Central Asia and Fred is also in demand there as a coach. We talk about the courage to emigrate and the concrete challenges of Kazakhstan

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Interview with Cindy and Dominik

Freedomcrowd and a definition of freedom

Cindy and Dominik have made it their mission to bring people together who value freedom in life. But what exactly does freedom mean? Both of them had to learn personally that the personal ideas of freedom have different aspects that become important depending on the person and the phase of life. The “Freedom Summit” starts on June 25 – a virtual event with a real-life component in Berlin. There you can be inspired and learn from the experiences of others. Here you can register .

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Interview with Sven Siebert

Personal development with authentic charisma

Sven Siebert is one of four shareholders at Authentic Charisma – a company that offers its customers different personal development programs. In the conversation we get an impression of what it can look like – whether it’s a seminar or an adventure tour. Typical customers of Authentic Charisma include, for example, IT entrepreneurs whose strength lies more in analysis and who accept challenges in order to advance in other areas of their personality. There is an exclusive offer for our podcast listeners that is limited to five seats: Under this link you can pick up your personal master plan and call Sven for free.

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Interview with Hubert Huessner

Gold and personal freedom of action

Hubert Huessner has – among other things – an opinion on the subject of money. More generally, he is concerned with maintaining personal freedom of action. The development of the monetary system runs counter to this. On , Huber enables the purchase of fine gold in the form of coins and thus contributes to the use of gold as a currency suitable for everyday use. At hype8 Hubert works on a project that is about encounters and self-realization for young people: .

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Interview with Bastian Barami

AirBnb business, but really efficient

Bastian Barami is well connected and well known among digital nomads. It all started with his blog . Bastian’s new goal: to have home bases all over the world – or in the places where he likes to be. If you approach the whole thing correctly, it is very compatible with a business model. Bastian does not hold back with practical tips, so that everyone can get started right away.

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Interview with Marco Lachmann-Anke

Financial intelligence and how to get there

Not everyone has the goal of becoming rich in their life. But there is no good excuse for remaining financially illiterate either. State education skilfully omits the topic and we tend to learn even comparatively simple insights only with great effort and very late in life. Marco used to work as a bricklayer, then found his way into self-employment after studying architecture. Now, with , he is helping others to successfully tackle the issue.

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Interview with Florian Lenz

Autodidact, because degrees only hold you back

Florian Lenz is Chief Software Architect in his early 20s – at Bitnation. When he started there, he already had a lot to offer as a programmer, although he never completed formal training. Nowhere are there so many resources available for learning as in software development. If you have enough courage, you can take a shortcut. At the end of the conversation we talk about what Bitnation brings its users and how you can be part of it as a location-independent entrepreneur.

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Interview with Josh Friedman

A nomadic journalist

Language: English. Josh Friedman is world traveling journalist and builds up his brand as “nomadic journalist”. His focus has been Eastern Europe recently. He interviewed refugees on the route to Western Europe and listened to their stories – with surprising results. You can find out more about Josh’s work on his homepage : and on steemit .

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Interview with Andre

Guerrilla Workers: Employed by the World

Traveling infected André. However, he is not (yet) ready to give up his job directly and that is not even necessary. Annual leave, overtime and other employee measures we talk about allow him to spend a large part of his time on the road and to empathize with the digital nomad scene. André’s concept of the “guerrilla worker” will soon also be available as an online course. André is also at the start with the graduate forge. Anyone interested in helping students with their theses can find work here – independent of location, of course.

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Interview with Maximilian Puetz

Pick-Up Artist and Men Coach

Pick-up artists don’t necessarily have a good reputation. Just approach women on the street because you want to have sex. You don’t do that! … the truth is: Very few men speak to women at all. Maximilian helps men to become more self-confident in dealing with women. Because he’s been in a relationship for 8 years now, his focus has changed. In the meantime, it is about relationship issues, about childhood, trauma and psychology. You can find Maximilian on Facebook, on his YouTube channel and on . The pickup guide for travelers is here .

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Interview with Michael Pretzl

Sexuality and advice for difficult questions

Michael Pretzl is traveling with his wife and child as a location-independent entrepreneur after deciding that regular life with a permanent job on site is not for him. He has been dealing with questions about sexuality for several years and now he and his girlfriend help men and women. We’re talking NoFap – the abstinence from pornography and masturbation – and having a healthy sex life despite a cut like pregnancy. You can find him on Youtube and on .

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Interview with Fatima Issara

NPD, Upper Silesia, Odin

Can something good come out of the NPD? Fatima knows something about that. Fatima also grew up in the GDR and knows what it’s like to be banned from leaving the country – first in the GDR and then again in the Federal Republic. The latter may be easier than you might think.

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Interview with Lukas Fiedler

Crypto money: IOTA under the magnifying glass

Anyone who has gotten into the crypto topic before has probably had an acquaintance who has not stopped with the topic. Lukas was happy to be convinced and then became active with his own website when IOTA was slowly taking off. There you will find important additional information on the practical use of IOTA. I discuss critically with Lukas how IOTA works and how the technology should be evaluated. Independent analysis by Lukas can also be found at .

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Interview with Bruno Ferreira

From AirBnb hosting to crypto trading

Our first episode in English. Look past my German-style pronunciation of the “th” and learn about Bruno’s experience as a professional AirBnb host and his later endeavors as a crypto trader. In case you are investing, too, better listen closely!

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Interview with Moritz Bierling

Dropping out of college and making other good decisions

Moritz Bierling first decided to study something more practical and praises the concept of the dual study program before taking a break anyway. However, the planned three months in Chile turned into an intensive learning experience as an employee at Exosphere. Among other things, Exosphere offers boot camps for young people – for Moritz an opportunity to discover and try out new sides of yourself, in the style of an independent entrepreneur. Moritz is also not unaffected by the growing opportunities surrounding the blockchain topic and is now continuously expanding his expertise in it. There is a lecture by Moritz here .

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Interview with Antoine Richard

Crypto + online poker = transparent and fair

This man has his own Wikipedia article and you may know him from Der Trödetrupp (RTL 2). Antoine talks about his early interest in Bitcoin and online poker and, thanks to advances in technology, has recently been able to combine the two. You can find Betcoin and Antoine’s Facebook page here. Anyone interested in getting to know Antoine’s personal side – which may not be shown to its fullest on TV – might be interested in the YouTube channel .

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Interview with Martin Albert

Bitcoin and the red pill

Martin Albert discovered Bitcoin while still working at his usual job. The job as an EU official in Finland may not be entirely normal – and in fact, one day the tax investigators in Germany do ring the doorbell. Since he discovered Bitcoin, there have been sleepless nights: Martin reads it up, gets involved in mining early on and gets the sense early on that work is still needed for Bitcoin to have a chance as a mainstream payment method. This is exactly where the current project should help: I can already pay my usual bills in Bitcoin on .

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Interview with Titus Gebel

Free Private Cities: Without Politics

After his time as CEO at Deutsche Rohstoff AG, Titus Gebel dedicated himself to a completely different project. An idea matures and is now taking on more and more concrete forms: A free, private city in which the residents are the customers, and instead of a state there are only service providers. Titus Gebel is not alone in wanting to make a fundamentally libertarian project a reality. For example, there is already the Seasteading Institute. Titus Gebel takes an entrepreneurial approach and was able to successfully advertise the model. In today’s episode, Titus Gebel presents the idea. In the next conversation, the first Free Private City may already have been founded. The newsletter can be found at .

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Interview with Sam Flintstone

Hack your life

From the design philosophy “You can’t break the rules until you understand them” you can also make an attitude for life – and certainly a business model. “Breaking the rules” certainly doesn’t mean becoming a criminal. However, there are still a number of people who have angered Sam because he does things differently than most. Follow Sam’s latest projects at .

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Interview with Marius Großhans

What role fears play in big decisions and how to overcome them

Marius Großhans has made the step from employee to location-independent self-employed and is now traveling around the world. But he also knows the fears he had to overcome to get there. Practically every major life decision is accompanied by fears and there are approaches and techniques to develop further. As a psychological consultant, Marius now helps his customers in personal discussions or via the Internet. You can find Marius on Instagram and on .

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Interview with Adrian Perez Montes

Among other things: With a translation agency through the crisis

Adrian is an entrepreneur, blogger and family man. His priority isn’t business, but maybe more family time and the good life. Starting with its own translations, the Mondo Agit agency now manages a network of translators and maintains relationships with clients – now in France, England, Germany, Spain and Catalonia. The family is “homeless” and moves regularly, the children learn freely according to their own interests without a firmly planned curriculum. As a blogger (Spanish) you can find Adrian on and . Adrian is also behind the Spanish version of .

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Interview with Erik Vollstadt

Bitnation: Governance 2.0

As Lead Ambassador, Erik coordinates the engagement of Bitnation Ambassadors: Bitnation members who provide a local point of contact. Apart from that, Bitnation, as a virtual network for reputation and services, is of course organized independently of location. Part of this is also a reputation token, the Pangea Arbitration Token, which is currently pre-sold: .

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Interview with Cindy and Heike

Make money online? Said and done!

Ecom-Rockstars: This is an agency founded by Cindy and Heike that helps with online sales and marketing. Cindy and Heike first got to grips with the topic themselves on the way to entrepreneurial existence and can now share their experiences. Travel and location independence were always part of the vision. Cindy and Heike have consistently tackled what others wish and dream of – until success has set in. Her next project is being created on .

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Interview with Daniel Walzer

Self-employment as a consultant in the field of employer branding

Daniel is a consultant for employer branding and helps companies to be attractive for young employees, working on the one hand with HR managers and bosses and on the other hand in workshops together with the employees. As an independent consultant, Daniel sells his young age (26) as an advantage and continues to develop his business. The latest project are webinars, which may also be of interest to the stateless podcast listener.

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Interview with Sergei Glaukus

Dating Coach, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Entrepreneurship

Sergei Glaukus talks about the business in affiliate marketing for digital content that he built together with his partner. Sergei initially contributed content in the area of dating himself, but now there is also an independent platform where affiliate marketers and content creators come together. Sergei also continues to successfully operate his YouTube channel , where you can also find his current interview with Christoph Heuermann.

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Interview with Sergio and Dora

Goodbye Matrix! travel and independence

It all started with video material for winegrowing and the leap into independence was made with the Vitality Congress and Goodbye Matrix Conference. You can still reach Sergio and Dora today at . The two were on a trip around the world and are now blogging and advising on topics related to flag theory. Sergio’s book “Hidden Travel Ninja” is about travel hacking, the podcast gives a foretaste of it.

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Interview with Aaron Koenig

Making crypto money and startups understandable - as a business

Aaron Koenig is an entrepreneur in the world of cryptocurrencies and applications. With Bitfilm he is established for the creation of marketing and explanatory videos, especially for start-ups in the crypto world. However, making things understandable is important to Aaron and was not only a recipe for success for his company, with his latest book “Cryptocoins – Investing in Digital Currencies” he helps interested beginners to find their way around. Not least because Aaron’s customers pay in Bitcoin, he enjoys maximum flexibility in the design of his work and his company. Homepage:

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Interview with Jannis Riebschläger

Go out, make films, build a business

Jannis Riebschläger, 21 years old, runs a film business in which, depending on the size of the project, he acts as a producer, director, cameraman, … or all in one. His customers are digital nomads but also larger companies. It all started with a travel blog when I was still at school, which became a travel video that was shown in German cinemas.

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Interview with Thomas Grawert

Stateless in Europe, IT and crypto mining

An IT specialist who gets to know his customers at LAN parties, among other things, has found a partner who will take on the on-site part of customer support for him, so that Thomas can conveniently take care of his system administration tasks remotely. As a stateless person, he lives a lot in Spain and generally likes to travel around Europe. In addition to maintaining servers, Thomas can also help run miner hardware, which can be run profitably in Switzerland thanks to low electricity costs.

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Interview with Jonas Jenis

Management consulting, pensions and diamonds

Jonas advises entrepreneurs on both their personal and their strategic corporate challenges. Traveling Europe as a nomad himself, Jonas has chosen Cyprus as his company headquarters and prefers to stay there. In the search for solutions for his clients in the area of savings and pensions, Jonas discovered the advantages of occupational pensions (even for companies without employees) and dealt with diamonds as a robust investment.

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Interview with Alexander Wahler

Personal development and coaching

Alexander Wahler, a coach who started with YouTube videos on personal development, dropped out of psychology studies and now provides advice and sells material online at a handsome hourly rate. Alexainder Wahler has emigrated from Germany since the beginning of the year, because for him “there is no reason to stay in Germany”. A current free offer from him is available here: . And also the Social Mastery Shop .

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Interview with Richard Bertossa

Wanderlust, inspiration, business and family

A conversation with Richard Bertossa about how someone who loves foreign countries and doesn’t want to stop traveling can not only start a company but also start a family. Richard has an office and employees in Colombia for his company, which sells cleaning equipment. Not only are wage costs lower there, but you can also enjoy life there. Now with two daughters, there is no reason for Richard to give up traveling because, even as a father, it is important to do what inspires you and makes you come alive first. Together with Daniel Walzer, Richard shares his knowledge in webinars: For free registration at Entrepreneurs without a headache .

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