Skip to main content is proud to offer its own health insurance product for perpetual travelers. While developed with the German-speaking main market in mind, the “Staatenlos Health Insurance” can be an interesting option for everyone regardless of nationality and residency. It is one of the first health insurance solutions not requiring a permanent residence and offers multiple other advantages

You can find all the info in English on this website. Below we will also explain the main advantages. If you need advice, just schedule a call with our broker Robin

The advantages of your global health insurance over the STAATENLOS-FRAMEWORK in overview

Individual Insurance Benefits

The insurance benefits are structured on a modular base. Special benefits like ambulant care, dental,  vision or pregnancy can be chosen individually. Thus you only pay, what you really need, and get an attractive insurance premium

From Emergency Care to Premium Protection

If you just want emergency care or rather a very broad protection – both is possible in our framework agreement. There are 5 different plans with different benefits and coverages

Self-Deductible free to choose

The framework agreement offers self-deductibles in several sums. From nothing up to 5000€/year you can individualize your protection. 

Individual choice of Insured Countries

In all countries of the same category and lower you enjoy full protection during the year, in all other countries up to 3 months after entry. This makes premiums lower despite worldwide coverage

Unlimited Duration – no Cancellation due to sickness possible

The insurance has an unlimited duration and the insurer is unable to cancel insurance because of a certain sickness or illness quota.

Great Quality of Conditions

In global comparison, the insurer April offers insurance conditions of great quality characterized by high benefit thresholds, 100% refund for stationary services, payments above the general fee directives and clearly defined coverage agreements. A cancellation due to sickness is not possible.

Family Insurance is possible

Family members and children can be insured with the same plan. The 3rd and every further child do not need to pay extra.

High Stability of Contributions

Every health insurance has to regularly increase contributions due to higher life expectancy, inflation and increasing health costs. This can be up to 25% yearly in countries like Germany. Our insurer April has a very low volatility. Despite Covid-19, contributions only rose 4% in 2020. Among international health insurances this is very good. Our framework agreement further increases this stability.

Optional  Assistance Package with further insurance

Optionally you can choose certain assistance services. This can be things like flight cancellation our lost baggage refund insurance. Also an international liability insurance, a small accident insurance and a small law protection insurance are part of this.

Optional death benefit and daily sickness allowance insurance

Optionally you can choose to get a death benefit and daily sickness allowance insurance. The possible combi contract makes the contribution quite attractive.

Optional Refund Reduction to lower premium

Next to self-deductibles you can choose a refund reduction for ambulant services, dental care or pregnancy. You can choose to pay 10% or 20% of the costs yourself to lower premiums. Stationary care will always be covered 100%.

Easy payment in Euro or Dollar

You can pay in both Euro and Dollar via wire transfer, credit card or paypal. For Euro payments also monthly direct debit is possible.

Quick Service in multiple languages

Efficient service in multiple languages is part of April insurance. They speak German, English, Spanish and French to competently help you with your requests. 

Own app to claim back costs

You can just take pictures of your invoices over a dedicated app and claim back your costs. April pays out to the mentioned bank account quickly.

Insurance possible even without permanent residence

You just need a correspondence address in any country, which can also be family members or friends. There is no permanent residence needed at all – perfect for perpetual travelers.

Get it every time everywhere in the world

You can become member of our framework agreement regardless where you are in the world. You do not need to be in any country to get the deal. Please keep in mind that such kind of international insurance may not replace obligatory government insurances in certain countries. You are always free to complement other insurance with our framework agreement, though.

For all citizenships

The insurance is open for all nationalities.

Few Countries are excluded

Only few countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Cuba,  Mali, Niger, North Korea, Pakistan and Syria are excluded from coverage. For Ukraine you have to request coverage with the insurance directly (western Ukraine is not an issue)

COVID-19 is fully insured

All cases in connection to COVID-19 are insured after a waiting time of 4 weeks. Confirmations for entry to certain countries will be issued by the insurer.

Repatriation in case of emergency included in any plan

Repatriation in case of emergencies to the home country is included in any plan automatically.

Calculate and get it online

Of course, you can calculate your own premium with a tool and directly close the insurance online after answering few health questions. Over this link you will be automatically member of the framework agreement.


Our framework agreement with April International is supported by broker Robin Lerch, your fixed point of contact with great relations to the insurer. He will help you by all questions and problems and consults you for free if you are unsure what coverage is best for you. You can schedule a free appointment with him here

Do not wait to write Robin if you have certain preconditions – he might be able to still you get this insurance with asthma, diabetes or similar issues. In a few cases, also another insurance might prove more beneficial. Robin can also provide you with global insurance solutions in other areas like liability, law protection etc.

Mobil: +49 173 2315415

Email: [email protected] (or schedule call here)

Become Part of the TAX.FREE.TODAY-FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT – it will be rewarding

Framework agreements are always better than individual contracts. Just with the current numbers we could close a strong deal with the insurer to get you the best benefits. For example, until now April International declined prospective clients without permanent residency. With a rising numbers of people joining a stronger negotiation power is achieved and future benefits can be possible. Find the Calculator here!